Your Magical Voice

All our memories are stored inside our voice. It is home to our wealth, our power and our vitality, but also our darker sides. Our voice carries in it suppressed, painful memories, thereby functioning as a yardstick on our spiritual path. Our voice is the blueprint and living proof of the essence of our soul.

Listening properly to our voice, we discover a multitude of emotions, desires, tensions, thoughts, wishes and feelings. In essence, everyone’s voice is unique, eagerly awaiting its freedom. Toning or giving sound to feelings and emotions is a technique that has been used in various cultures for centuries. It is used to invoke healing powers, to discharge immense sadness and to purify inner pain. Our voice has a higher consciousness and is intricately connected to our heart and our soul’s essential desires.

Pain, exhaustion, stress or other deeper-lying emotions and experiences, including those related to trauma, can be embraced and healed through sound. Engaging in this healing work generates the space to start living our full potential, thus allowing our creativity and enabling us to exist on Earth in love and freedom. This is why we use the voice to return our body to balance.


I facilitate various kinds of magical-voice sessions in my practice. Together, we can find which of these is most suitable for you.