Start Breathcoach Training April 2020

The next Breathcoach Training will start on 14 April 2020.

During this eight-day training, you will, among other things, be introduced to the theory of connected breathwork and receive intensive guidance during in-depth breathing sessions. Your personal process will also feature in this.

Expert guidance is present during the training to advise, supervise and support you in this learning process. In the three training blocks, you will learn how to conduct and receive a breathing session in practice, with the aim of enabling you to experience its effects for yourself and translate them to others. I use various coaching techniques that enable you to deepen optimally.

During the training, you will also become acquainted with several supplementary disciplines, such as coaching, energy, sound and body work—all of which can be employed in combination with the breathwork. The breathcoach training will provide a solid foundation for you to conduct independent breathing sessions in your practice or to guide a group session as a supervisor. The eight-day training is completed with an examination, in which you put what you’ve learnt into practice.

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What will feature during the training?

  • Intake and anamnesis
  • Setup of a breathing session
  • Abdominal, chest and diaphragmatic breathing
  • Breathing techniques
  • Breath analysis
  • Movement techniques
  • Pressure points
  • Working with intentions
  • Employing sound, energy and body work


Block 1: 14 – 15 April 2020

Block 2: 16 – 17 June 2020

Block 3:   1 -2 September 2020

Block 4:  6 – 7 October 2020


Herenweg 416

2211 VJ Noordwijkerhout

Telephone number (location): +31(0)6 10679363 (Andre)

Location information:


Day 1: walk in from 09:15 onwards. Start at 10:00. Day 1 ends around 18:00.

Dag 2: walk in from 09:00 onwards. Start 09:30. Day 2 ends around 17:00


The total price of this training is €1,345.00 This includes 21% VAT. All materials, food, tea, coffee, and snacks are included in the price.

Staying overnight:

Noordwijkerhout has several good bed and breakfasts. See for more information. Make sure to book in advance considering seasonal visitor fluctuations in the Bollenstreek. There is sleeping space for some people at the training location. When signing up, please specify whether you would like to make use of this option.


  • Pressure points

There are various pressure points and zones on the body that are related to physical, emotional and/or spiritual themes. Looked at from an array of visions and theoretical perspectives, these areas and zones are discussed and worked with. These pressure points have a diagnostic function, but can also be used to enhance one’s breathing capacity by treating them during a breathing session.

  • Coaching techniques

During the training you will experience how to deepen a breathing session using conversational techniques. Core aspects of this are your attitude as breathcoach, your communicative skills and various theories and techniques that can be employed to rebalance yourself (think of DofNA, NLP, The Work by Byron Katie, The Presence Process by Michael Brown).

  • Sounding and toning

Like your voice, your breath is a unique instrument through which you can “heal” yourself. At times we can use our voice or a sound to dive a little deeper into our subconscious. In this process, your unique sound can contact that which remains hidden underneath all kinds of layers. Your sound can penetrate these layers, because your protective wall has already weakened/become soft because of your breathwork. By sounding or toning, the thinking mind is called to a halt, creating the space to break through blockages. With this, the client is given the space for silence to arise, and to truly listen to what his or her inner voice has to say. You will learn how to use this instrument at the appropriate time and to listen to where the sound wants to move. You will also learn about the duration and intensity of using the voice.

  • Bodywork and touch

All experiences and beliefs influence your body; not only your breath, but also your body, are indicators of how you are doing. As a breathcoach, you use body work and touch to guide clients. Doing so expands clients’ consciousness, inviting them to establish contact with who they truly are. In this module, you will become acquainted with the “art of touch”. The difficulty lies in being present and meeting the other. Being present to what you are experiencing and where the other is without needing to change anything. Touch from a place of relaxation and freedom, not from tension or judgement. To guide another, it is important to be able to relax your own body and to be present in the here and now. You will learn to experience your own silence and to work from there.

You will receive a Certificate of Participation after completing the breathwork eight-day training.