International Breathcoach Training

Stephen Monne_Adem en stem-0781International Breathcoach Training 

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Over the course of a nine-day intensive training, you will receive the theory of breathwork and be guided during in-depth breathwork sessions. Your personal process will also be a part of this training.

Skilled guidance is available throughout the training to provide advice and support you in your learning process. Spread over three blocks of three days each, you will be taught how to conduct breathwork sessions with clients, while also receiving guided sessions yourself to experience the depth and the results that breathwork can generate first-hand. I use several coaching techniques to ensure that you reach an optimal state of performance and knowledge concerning the material and its application.

During this training, you will also be given a lot of information about several other exceptional disciplines and techniques, including coaching techniques, energy- and bodywork, as well as the use of sound and the voice in combination with the breath. The training will give you a solid foundation for your own practice and in the work you do with people, allowing you to conduct individual breathwork sessions or guide and support group-based sessions. The nine-day course is completed with an exam to assess to what extent you have managed to incorporate the breathing techniques in your professional practice.

If the description of this in-depth and intuitive breathwork training resonates with you, please send me an email to register.  

Topics that will feature in the course:

o    Intake and anamneses

o    Structure of a breathwork session

o    Abdominal, diaphragmatic and chest breathing

o    Breathwork techniques

o    Breath analysis

o    Movement techniques

o    Pressure points

o    Working with intentions

o    Working with sound-, body- and energywork

Topics elaborated: 

Pressure points

Many pressure points and areas of body are linked to physical, emotional and/or spiritual themes. During the training, these will be discussed and practised extensively. Knowledge of these points can have both a diagnostic function and can be used to enhance someone’s breathing capacity when used during a breathwork session.

Coaching techniques

During the training, you will learn about and experience first-hand how a variety of coaching techniques can be used to deepen a breathing session. Areas that will feature are your attitude as a coach, your communication skills and various theories related to staying balanced in your work. You will learn to be truly present during the sessions you conduct.

Sounding and toning

Like your breath, your voice is a unique instrument that can be used to “heal” yourself. Adding sound to a session can help us to go just that little bit further into our subconscious. Your unique sound touches upon all kinds of layers that are usually shrouded from your awareness. Sound has this penetrative function, because it softens your defensive mechanisms, while making them a little more transparent. Adding sound or toning also has a calming effect on the mind, creating the space to break through blockages. As a breathwork coach, it is your responsibility to create space for your client to let the silence enter and to give the breather the opportunity to truly listen to what his or her inner voice would like to share. You will be taught when the best times are to use this valuable instrument and how to listen to and move with the sound. The duration and intensity of the voice also plays a role in this process.

Bodywork and touch

All experiences and beliefs impact our body. In addition to your breath, your body can be used as an indicator of how you are feeling. As a breathwork practitioner, you will use bodywork and touch when guiding your clients. Developing an understanding of and expertise in these areas will give you more body awareness and expand your own consciousness, thus allowing you to invite clients to establish contact with their true essence, since you will have gone before them in this important process. You will be tapping into “the art of touch.” It is all about being present; being present with your own experience and the other’s, without wanting or needing to change anything about the experience. Being completely present will allow you to touch the other from a place of relaxation and freedom; not cramping due to judgements or expectations. In order to guide someone effectively, it is very important that you are able to relax into yourself and be present in the here and now. During the training, you will be taught how to become one with your own inner silence and how to act and work from this place of expanded awareness.

You will receive a Certificate of Participation after the nine-day training.

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