DofNA—what is it?Buddha Beelden Singapore (640x427)

DofNA (short for Discharge of Neural Aspects) is concerned with our brain functioning, the holographic universe, the behaviour of energy, and how we, without being aware of this ourselves, often attract negative energies into our lives and our experience.

As human beings, we all have the potential to create and manifest. Every thought (shaped by our consciousness and energy) sets wheels in motion, manifesting—because energy follows thought! All creation is born out of consciousness and energy. As such, we’re all constantly creating our own reality (and future!). If you have been hurt or traumatised in the past, standard therapeutic models will ask you to re-experience the pain and process it by understanding it—the idea being that this will make it easier for you to deal with the traumatic experience. What really happens is that you bring the past into the present by giving it energy.

All this makes the integration process unnecessarily difficult and long. Regardless of what some schools of thought might say about becoming a better human being through humility and suffering, it’s much more important to take matters into your own hands and accept responsibility in your life now, and in this, not blaming the past.

DofNA coaching can help to initiate and engage in this process quickly and effectively. Every area of stagnation in your life starts with a thought. Connected to painful experiences and events, these thoughts lead to the development of a vicious circle. You create all kinds of attitudes and patterns to deal with your emotions and feelings, which in turn dictate your behaviour towards situations and others. The external world in turn responds to you, strengthening the thoughts and convictions held within you. Charged memories are surrounded by a magnetic field. This field attracts situations and people that resonate with it.

DofNA sessions aim to discharge charged memories. The result of this is enhanced consciousness and more space to create your own life. You experience more freedom to make decisions in alignment with you who really are.

Interested? DofNA can be used for anyone experiencing blockages in life. These blockages may manifest in the field of relationships, health, work, studies, or expressing one’s creativity. However, even if you are not experiencing clearly definable problems, DofNA can be of value to you. DofNA is there for anyone who wants to develop into who he or she truly is. It is there for anyone who wants to live life from consciousness, freedom and abundance.

If you opt to work with DofNA, we will start with a basic session. In this session, I will assess which problems you are currently facing. During this session, I will use my observational skills to tune in to your higher self. Your higher self knows exactly where all charges are stored in your system. The information I receive is fed back in the form of recognisable attitudes and patterns expressing themselves in your daily life. The convictions held within and developed until your 20th year of life are mapped out and discharged. Consider this session a kind of spring cleaning in preparation of the advanced sessions. The price of this basic session is €75. The session takes around two hours.

Advanced sessions are intended to delve deeper into the themes at play in your life. Your subconscious has hidden programmes stored within it. These programmes are automatically launched each time you are triggered by a given situation. Once activated, these programmes determine your response to the situation. You may feel like you are being “taken over” and/or lived by the programme when this happens. Because these programmes are subconscious and do not want to be seen, you have created (survival) mechanisms over them. Ironically, it is these mechanisms that cause you to attract situations that will launch the specific programmes you are trying to avoid. During a session, these programmes are sought out and transmuted (energetically discharged). Blood ties also play a significant role in this, since many of the aforementioned programmes are hereditary. A key aspect of any session is the clarifying of how your programmes work and what their consequences on your daily life are. Advanced sessions powerfully and deeply affect your system and your DNA. As a result of these sessions, you will start to experience that you truly have the choice to change your attitudes and patterns in life. You will start experiencing your own free will and a deep sense of personal responsibility.

Creating a family constellation to map out your family and family patterns is also part of an advanced session. The price of an advanced session is €75 per hour. The duration of a session depends on its intensity (2 hours on average).