How do I work?

Living your life in freedom, unburdened by tension, stress (at work), negative thoughts or physical comfort; being one with life itself—isn’t that what we all want? I know I certainly do!

My work consists of intensively and lovingly guiding you on your personal voyage of discovery, while supporting you (in learning to) express your unique qualities. As a breath-, voice-, and energy coach, my role is to stimulate, motivate and challenge you to get the most out of life and to (re)discover your purpose in life.

You may find yourself dealing with blocked emotions or negative beliefs towards yourself or others. Perhaps you’re having difficulty communicating and truly listening when speaking to another. You may be experiencing physical discomfort, or you could be working at a job badly aligned with where you envision yourself going in future. You could be aware of how you keep repeating the same defensive mechanisms, preventing you from enjoying a life of abundance.

If any of the above sounds recognisable to you, the time to change is now! If you would also like to be (temporarily) guided on your journey inwards, please call me or send me an email for a non-binding consultation or to set up a first meeting.

I use, among other things, the tools and techniques of the DofNA method. They allow me to discharge blockages energetically, freeing up the way to real change in your life. An important part of this process is to become aware of why you think what you think or do what you do. The insights generated in the process, and the space created by the energetic release of blocked emotions, make it possible to effectively change attitudes and patterns.