Welcome to Adem and Stem

Do you want to re-establish control over your life? Eager to experience what it means to feel spacious and free? Want to live your truth and embrace life?

My name is Stephen Monné. With my practice, Adem en Stem, I facilitate profound healing and transformative breath, voice and awareness sessions.

In these sessions I stimulate and guide you in the process of investigating, exploring and healing your inner world at depth. The freedom this process creates opens the door to more joy and playfulness in your life. Of course, the development of my own consciousness plays a key role when assisting others on their spiritual paths. At the end of the day, to live a full life demands courage, determination, perseverance, and the willingness to dive deeply into the unknown, where one’s deepest, darkest fears lurk. While inviting you to breathe fully and deeply, my sessions centre on locating those areas preventing you from getting the most out of your life and softening your defence mechanisms (armour).

In short, I assist you in discovering and living your truth.