How can your unique voice help to change your life and free you?

Like your breath, your voice is a unique instrument through which you can discover yourself and free yourself from deep emotional and mental blockages. You can use your voice to travel through your unconsciousness and to discover that which it still hidden underneath all kinds of layers. The sound of your voice essentially vibrates through these layers, breaking through blockages you have amassed, often in early childhood.

When working with your own divine voice, we face and conquer your deepest fears and judgements—both of and towards yourself and others. You learn to use your voice to move straight through all these layers and to voice what is alive within you, neither neglecting nor holding back a thing. Using your voice to be yourself and to express yourself—right down into the deepest crevasses of the soul.

As you become more competent at doing this, you will notice a calmness coming over your daily life. Your thinking will become calmer, while your inner silence becomes more allowing of whatever wants to arise. You (re)learn to listen to what your own inner voice wants to tell you. By producing sound yourself, or receiving sounds from me, a new connection between your body and soul is established.

Working with the voice also has the effect of causing you to descend deeper into your body, enhancing your awareness of the present moment as a result. The consequence of this is that you become an open and pure channel, enabling you to give sound to and colour your essence once more.

During a sound session, we often start with breathwork. With the breath as your foundation, you will either start producing sounds yourself or receiving them from me (whichever feels better at the time). What will it feel like to voice that which is alive within you? How will you feel being with what wants and needs to be heard, resonating with these tones in your body?

In any case, your breathing channel will be opened (further) by freeing tension in your throat, thereby making space to genuinely listen to yourself and the other, and to allow your creativity to flow once more.

Session rate: €125.

Session duration: 2 – 2.5 hours.