Breath & Trauma 3day for breathcoaches

The previous breath & trauma 3-day sessions were only accessible to breathwork coaches trained by Adem en Stem. This time, external breathcoaches who have sufficient knowledge and experience can also register.

The purpose of this training is to broaden our knowledge about trauma and the breath and to gain more experience. You will learn to apply a number of new techniques and also become acquainted with body handling. We will talk about (the different forms of) trauma, how to recognize trauma and how to be present as a breathcoach during its discharge and release. Connected breathwork is a wonderful instrument to use in support of this.

The training is intended to inform you about trauma, so we do not train you to become a trauma therapist.

This three-day event is intended to:

  • Learn to recognize trauma
  • Gain inspiration and information and recharge yourself
  • Learn additional techniques
  • To meet each other (again) as breathcoaches, to learn and connect with and from each other
  • Offer space for your questions during an intervision moment
  • Exchanging sessions and working with each other in connectiveness

Dates: November 12th-14th 2024

Reception on Tuesday from 9.30am, program starts at 10.00am. The program ends both evenings around 9:30 PM and on Thursday we wrap up around 4 PM. Juli Pohan, Stephen Monné, Alice Rientjes and Ruben Oude Rikmanspoel will be the trainers who contribute their expertise.

The three-day event takes place in Centrum voor Zingeving in Luttelgeest and costs €695 (VAT exempt). This includes two nights in double rooms and all freshly prepared vegetarian and almost 100% organic meals on site.

If you would like to register, please fill in the registration form. If you didn’t graduate as breathcoach via Adem en Stem, please tell us more about your experience and education as breath coach.