International Breathcoach training starts April 2025

Over the course of a nine-day intensive training, you will receive the theory of breathwork and be guided during in-depth breathwork sessions. Your personal process will also be a part of this training.

Skilled guidance is available throughout the training to provide advice and support you in your learning process. Spread over 3 blocks of three days each, you will be taught how to conduct breathwork sessions with clients, while also receiving guided sessions yourself to experience the depth and the results that breathwork can generate first-hand. We use several coaching techniques to ensure that you reach an optimal state of performance and knowledge concerning the material and its application.

During this training, you will also be given a lot of information about several other exceptional disciplines and techniques, including coaching techniques, energy- and bodywork, as well as the use of sound and the voice in combination with the breath. The training will give you a solid foundation for your own practice and in the work you do with people, allowing you to conduct individual breathwork sessions or guide and support group-based sessions. The nine-day course is completed with an exam to assess to what extent you have managed to incorporate the breathing techniques in your professional practice.

If the description of this in-depth and intuitive breathwork training resonates with you, you can register here

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