Breath- and Voicework



During a session I make use of your own breath—your own, unique instrument. It’s powerful, deep and integrative. Your own breath is used to expand your consciousness and change your life. Space is created by becoming (more) aware of and gaining insight into your own inner functioning. This space is where we breathe towards. This is the free and limitless space we call the heart of the universe. Safe and familiar, you feel free to surrender to something greater than yourself in this space. This “other way” of breathing penetrates the deepest layers of your being. It can therefore be used for any themes that you bring to my practice.

If you’re not feeling well physically, opening the breath can alleviate your pain. Deeper-lying themes are also touched upon and cleaned. You reconnect with who you truly are by breathing deeply and fully into your true essence.

The voice can also be a powerful tool to support and strengthen your process. The voice can break through walls and armour, loosening and untangling stagnant emotions.

During a voicework session, you give expression to that which is alive in you. You free your voice from all the emotional baggage weighing it down. After sounding, you experience freedom and spaciousness. Tranquillity. A free body and a clear mind. You are attuned to the voice of your soul again.